Looking forward to a great New Year

Hey everyone! Well another year has gone and we are so looking forward to what this coming year holds for our company. Book number 6 is rolling right along with a so far count of 14 comics under the belt and still growing.  We work on them every Tuesday at the University  of Calgary  library.  Continue reading “Looking forward to a great New Year”

We Found A New Place To SELL!!!!!

Hey everyone! We are happy to announce that we have a new place to sell. Euphoria Cafe- 5403 Crowchild Trail NW- (In the plaza across from Dalhousie in Varsity) We are so happy they have taken us on and we look forward to a long partnership with them. If you’re looking to buy our booksContinue reading “We Found A New Place To SELL!!!!!”

A tip from the pro

Getting started  Finding that perfect business idea If you want to start a business, look inside yourself and find something you are good at that could maybe be turned into a business. For me that was drawing, humor and making people smile with my jokes. Make sure it is something positive that could uplift people. Continue reading “A tip from the pro”

Some places to sell or not?

Hey everyone! As of the beginning of August we have had to change our selling venue and location. I am sad we wont be selling at Starbucks for the foreseeable future but we are looking forward to maybe starting a new partner ship with  another similar company, hopefully We are currently looking into independent coffeeContinue reading “Some places to sell or not?”