Our newest book is on the way!!!!!

Hey everyone

I know it has been awhile since i talked to you but it was because we were so busy trying to get our 6th book wrapped up. Well it is wrapped up and better yet it is at the printers getting printed as we speak.


So how was everyone’s stampede? Ours was very busy! not just with stampede events but also doctors appointments galore. But we made it through and are now anticipating  the release of our newest book, which as we promised, is our best book yet 

So as of now Question and Excla are on Vacation and we  are just enjoying the summer until we start our next book in September.

So we will keep you updated and let you know when the book is out, until then, BYE






Hey everyone:

We have some updates for you.

First of all we went to the Comic expo as we promised and it was GREAT! Cant wait to go back next yer.

We met a lot of wonderful people who were very intrigued by our strip. They all said it was excellent and when asked what we could do to make it better they kind of just smiled and said “I think it’s perfect the way it is” However we did make a lot of connections which is what we were hoping for.

Secondly, The spring craft fair at Ranchlands did not go so good, I think it was because it was on the same weekend as comic con so everyone was there: not at our little craft fair.

Third we went to the Panel one comic festival at the Hillhurst community Center and met a lot of people who also thought our comics were great and said they could not think of any way to improve them. We also saw some people who we had seen at Comic con who were happy to see us. We bought some books and looked around.

Finally, I have some good news: WE ARE 4 COMICS AWAY FROM FINISHING OUR BOOK. Then we have to do all the written pages and decide what goes where in the book. So yeah it will still be awhile but its getting closer. Can yah feel it.

So yeah that is what is going on in the company.

Keep checking back for more.

Finally I am going to leave you with a look at one of our newest comics.








Updates on us

Hey everyone:

Just some updates for you.

We are going to the Comic expo on Thursday just to walk around and view some of the other cartoonists to get some feedback on what we have done to maybe make it better.

One other thing: 

We are going to be at the Ranch lands Spring craft fair on the 28th at the Ranch lands community center from 10 am to 3 pm. So hope to see you all there.

So yeah that is what is up with us. Hope to see you all soon.