Hey everyone Welcome to our Joke page

Here you will find one of a kind jokes created by us! Cause as you know, we have a great sense of humor
Well lets get started


Q: What did the mouse say when he saw the Swiss cheese?

A:Holey cheese


Q: What did the boy rope say to the girl rope?

A:Lets tie the knot


Q: What  do you call a rope with three knots in its middle and covered in raspberry jam?



Q:How do bees groom themselves?

A:With a Honey comb


Q:What did the Father door say when he saw his new son?

A:Oh hes a-door-able


Here is some very silly sayings I have found while out and about in the community.

  • Did you know keeping horses is a stable business?
  • Insert your credit card to charge your phone. Your card will not be charged
  • We are looking for nude models for an art class. Ask about our various positions


Q: What did one rope say to the other rope?

A: Lets knot and say we did


Q: What do you call a cat who throws garbage everywhere?

A: Kitty Litter


Q: How does a cookie make his bed?

A: With cookie sheets


Q: How did the car feel before going to the mechanic?

A: Tired and Exhausted.


Q: What did the horse say when the farmer asked him if he wanted a carrot?

A: Nay

So the farmer took the carrot back with him.


Q: Does a  Bear have bear feet

A: No they are not bare, they are covered in fur


Q:What do you call a duck with dirt between his toes?

A:Ducks have webbed feet silly! They cannot get dirt between their toes


Q: How do you honor a sandwich?

A: Give it a little toast