Hey everyone Welcome to our Joke page

Here you will find one of a kind jokes created by us! Cause as you know, we have a great sense of humor
Well lets get started

Q: Why can you never insult a lion?

A: Cause lions have their pride

Q: Does a  Bear have bear feet

A: No they are not bare, they are covered in fur

Q:What do you call a duck with dirt between his toes?

A:Ducks have webbed feet silly! They cannot get dirt between their toes

Q: How do you honor a sandwich?

A: Give it a little toast

Q: What did the roll of tickets say to the ticket man?

A: Quit ripping me off

My dog just became a representative for our art store.

How did that happen

He stands there all day and barks “art art” at everyone who walks through the door

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