Welcome to our new blog site!

Punctuation Association is a comic strip created by me, Joni Righthand. What makes this strip so unique is that I have Fetal alcohol syndrome, Autism and ADHD. Also this strip stars punctuation marks as characters. Due to the fact that I have three disabilities, this strip and business is my way of being independent. I’ve been doing this strip for many years. The idea came from my English teacher in grade nine who inspired me through a punctuation project.

And now a word from the stars of the strip:



Hi there my name is Question. I am a fun lovable pup who just never seems to stay out of trouble. I create the laughs for the strip through my way of taking everything literally! I hope you follow and learn more about me through reading my strip, I mean our strip.



Okay, move over there Question, it’s my turn. Hi there everyone! My name is Excla. I’m Question’s owner and best friend! I’m the serious one in the strip whose job it is to keep Question out of trouble, although Question does not make that easy on my part as you will find out as you read the strip, but do not worry cause there are also lots of tender moments between us too.