Good job everyone!

Well Congratulations on our success at our book launch on Friday Sept 15.

We had a big turnout and even though a few people had to regretfully miss it we still had fun and sold quite a few books.

Thank you to everyone who pitched in to make this event a success we could not have done it with out you.

The questions and answer period went off with a bang with lots of good questions from the audience and lots of great and insightful answers from me dressed up as the star of the show : QUESTION the pup!


Next we did some book readings from each of my books which had the audience in stitches and lots of laughter to behold. I selected a few strips from each book, then read them which motivated the people to buy the books at the end of the show.

Having everyone there did help calm the before show jitters that were there, but once the show got started nobody could tell  I  was nervous.  I  was having a blast. as was the audience. At the end of the show we had our books out for sale and sold quite a few complete  sets then everyone enjoyed some refreshments and having some chats before going about the rest of there day.

All in all a good successful day. Question was glad to go back in the comic strip and Joni was ready for some lunch then heading home to relax.  So thanks everyone who supported us and maybe same thing again next year?

Thank you!!


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